Namibia Investors Database

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) is the first point of contact and facilitator for foreign investors and maintains a comprehensive database of all potential and active investors in the country. It also keeps track of such investments as well as investment promotion activities within Namibia and all over the world. This management system has been developed to provide the following functionality:

- Keep a record of individuals and institutions who make investment enquiries at Namibian Foreign Missions around the world.

- Maintain a database of active investors.

- Keep track of project particulars including Project Financing, Infrastructure, Unitilities, Skills/ Labor and Jobs Creation,

- Manage Investment Promotion Events in Namibia and around the world. Collect particulars of potential investors that attend such events

- Maintain a database of all Visa and Work Permit Applications that come through the Investment Center.

- Provide a wide range of reports on investment activities by Sector, Region, Origin of Investors and many other options.

- In general, provide a one-stop source of information on investment activities in Namibia