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Business Opportunities

We believe there are hundreds of different uses more than we have and will ever conceive. We therefore invite individuals and organizations that can come up with innovative ways of using this platform. Do not be limited by existing features as these are only a foundation. We can extend the system to include any related functionality.

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We invite any individual or organization that needs to provide training or simply monitor and evaluate employees

  1. You can join the public platform or request for a private installation and domain for your organization.
  2. We can tailor the system for your organization to include Performance Management, Asset Tracking etc.
  3. Many opportunities exist for individuals and companies to recruit and train subscribers in their country or locality.
  4. Contact us if you wish to spearhead the operations in your country or register as an accredited trainer.
  5. We will engage Web Application Developers for customization work. Send us your profile for consideration.
  6. Opportunities exist for Audio and Video producers as schools and instructors will be creating a lot of materials in the form of video and audio lectures to load on the site for their students. You need to register yourself so that we can list you and your profile.
  7. Many more opportunities that are too vast to mention in a few lines

  8. Foundation For Business Technology cc. Windhoek, Namibia......Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.